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With the ONE Quartz Surfaces® Collection, we’ve brought together the beauty of quartz and modern technology to  create new and exciting possibilities.

Available in five collections:
Geo Flecks, Micro Flecks, Nature Flecks, West Village and American Reserve Historic

Available finishes:
Polished is available in stock
Honed, Leather, and Semi-Polished are available via special order.
Not all colors are subject to special order finishes.

Care & MaintenanceTop

  • ONE Quartz Surfaces® is virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with extreme ease.
  • Common household spills – such as, tea, coffee, lemon juice, soda, fruit, vegetable juice, olive oil or grease spills – are easily removed and the surface restored to its original appearance. 
  • Some ONE Quartz Surface colors and finishes (honed, matte, etc.) are more sensitive to grease or fingerprints and may require extra care during routine cleaning. 
  • Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature and it will not easily scratch or chip. The use of a cutting board is recommended. 
  • To maintain the natural beauty of ONE Quartz Surfaces, do not place hot skillets or roasting pans directly onto the surface but use a trivet instead. 
  • For routine cleaning, use a damp cloth or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of mild soap. Once clean, rinse and dry surface thoroughly. 
  • For stubborn or dried spills, use a nonabrasive cleaning pad such as a white 3M Scotch-Brite® scrub pad combined with a small amount of mild soap or specialized stone cleaner. 
  • ONE Quartz Surfaces floors in high traffic areas should be cleaned daily with a clean, dry dust mop or soft bristle broom. ONE Quartz Surfaces floors in low traffic areas can be cleaned less frequently using the same method. Spills should be spot treated with the use of a damp mop or cloth towel and, if necessary, a small amount of mild soap or specialized stone cleaner. 
  • A floor machine such as a slow speed buffer or walk behind scrubber can be used for larger commercial environments. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any haze residue that may diminish the shine and beauty of the floor. 
  • For heavily soiled floors, as with any floor, clean up spills as soon as possible.  
  • Avoid exposing ONE Quartz Surfaces to chemicals and solvents, especially paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride. Keep nail polish remover, bleach or cleansers that contain bleach, bluing, permanent markers or inks. While casual exposure to alkaline materials will not damage ONE Quartz Surfaces, highly alkaline (high-pH) cleansers are not recommended when cleaning ONE Quartz Surfaces. If any of the substances listed above come into contact with ONE Quartz Surfaces, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with plenty of clean water. 
  • Do not use strong abrasive and/or alkaline cleaning products. Always follow the manufacturers’ dilution instructions and recommendations. 


Dal-Tile Corporation warrants that One Quartz will be free from defect for a period of fifteen years after the date of purchase.  Defect is defined as a shortfall in the product to perform to Dal-Tile specifications as disclosed in product literature, within industry allowable tolerances as set forth in standard, national industry protocols.  Dal-Tile provides detailed information in its product literature regarding appropriate applications for this product. Failure to comply with recommended applications voids this warranty. 


Dal-Tile provides detailed information in its product literature regarding appropriate applications for this product. Failure to comply with recommended applications voids this warranty.  There are no warranties extended beyond the description on the face hereof.


The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act limits disclaimers of implied warranties involving consumer products. To the maximum extent allowable by federal and state law, this warranty supplements or supersedes federal and state consumer goods warranty protections. There are no warranties extended beyond the description on the face hereof.


All warranty claims must be reported immediately.  Failure to report any warranty claim within 30 days of defect discovery will void this warranty.  All products must be inspected prior to installation. Installation of products with visual defects or nonconformities apparent prior to installation voids this warranty.

Customer misuse including negligence, physical, or chemical abuse is not covered by this warranty.  Installation defects are not covered by this warranty.

Dal-Tile does not recommend its products for use on ceilings or roofs, unless specifically disclosed as being suitable for ceilings or roofs in product literature. Local building codes may dictate minimum performance specifications. Dal-Tile does not warrant product installations that violate building codes.

Failure to comply with recommended applications voids this warranty.  Appropriate applications include: RESIDENTIAL:  kitchen countertops, islands, table tops, bathroom vanities, tub and shower surrounds; COMMERCIAL:  dining tables, bar tops, vanities, partitions, walls, food preparation areas, serving areas, beverage station tops, and sterile prep areas. Warranty only covers polished finishes. Please note that due to greater exposed surface area, the textured finishes will require more daily maintenance than a polish finish. Thus, no finish (except for "Polish" finish) is covered in our warranty.   

Photographic color images may not be an exact product match. Product samples are representative only and may not be an exact match to supplied materials due to variations in batch manufacturing or naturally occurring stone.  Supplied materials may have slight differences in color, shade, and/or surface appearance. 


If a defect in materials or workmanship is discovered within the limited warranty period, Dal-Tile will either refund the price of the product or provide a replacement product after a reasonable number of attempts to remedy product defects. Buyer's remedy is limited to replacement or repair of the defective product. No consequential (including, but not limited to, lost profits) or incidental damages are recoverable. Dal-Tile disclaims all express warranties not contained in this limited express warranty.

No person has authority to make representations other than those in this writing.  Any representations made in connection with the sale of this product that differs from the terms of this warranty are not valid and should be brought to the attention of Dal-Tile immediately (1-800-933-TILE).

LEGAL NOTICE: WARNING -- Tile and installation products contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm, respiratory harm or other health problems. For more product-specific information on chemical content, obtain an MSDS at or contact Daltile at 800.933.TILE.


1.          The original purchaser must notify a Dal-Tile Sales Service Center or an authorized representative in writing within 30 days of the discovery of any defect.

2.          After notification, Dal-Tile or an authorized representative will inspect and/or test the product for defect and complete a Product Claim Action form. No claim will be honored without product inspection by Dal-Tile or an authorized representative.

3.          Upon determination that the product defect claim is valid, Dal-Tile will notify the purchaser in writing. Dal-Tile reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the originally-purchased product, at its sole discretion.


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